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Recognizing Key Junctures in Transitioning


Transition Planning:

Using a holistic approach, students and young adults will strategically create and manage incremental tasks in order to accomplish their goals. In order to focus on specific goals and to meet success criteria, tasks will be split into manageable phases or stages containing objectives to assist with goal-setting, detail planning, critical thinking, and management skills.


IEP Support:

We assist in training students to lead their own IEP meetings. Students learn to become active participants in their own IEP and transition planning process. We work in a collaborative environment with the student, parents/guardians, and the educational team, providing consulting services to assist students to have a VOICE. Students are empowered in focusing on their educational and transitional needs, regardless of their unique abilities in learning or physical challenges.


Youth Coaching:

We use a non-directive approach in which the emphasis is on the student/young adult's choices and responsibilities. Helping to develop with each person action plans and strategies for achievement. Youth coaching does not offer therapy, opinions or solutions, but allows the students/young adults to design a framework to build competencies in order to find their own solutions.


Resources and Training:

We offer resources and training in interviewing skills, resume building, strength-based training and goal-setting. Additionally, we create continued community involvement and collaborations with local businesses and industries as well as government agencies both local and state.

Our Mission

In partnership with students, parents, members of the educational team, and the community, we are being a VOICE to improve educational provisions and assisting youth to gain insight and awareness of their own capabilities through self-exploration and self-knowledge. Our clients are 'Recognizing Key Junctures in Transitioning.'

Our Vision

By helping to remove educational barriers, 'Add Value On Inspiring Children's Education (VOICE) Too' offers consulting educational services that assist at-risk youth, including those who are homeless and students with special disabilities by offering IEP support, resources, training, transition planning, self-advocacy, and self-determination skills. We focus on solutions in removing educational obstacles, emphasizing innovation, and maintaining sustainability.

Add VOICE Too believes that parents, educators, and the community have an obligation to Add Value To Inspiring Children's Education, no matter what circumstances or challenges exist.


About Us

Our staff focuses on assisting students and young adults to become empowered in developing plans and processes to become self-determined, self-advocates and self-managed in order to create outcomes to achieve compatibility between learning styles, values, personality styles, and career fields within academic and work environments.

Our staff's experiences consists of Board Certified Educational Advocates, DC Advocacy Partners, Transition Service Specialists, Youth Coaches, Social Workers, Special Education Teachers and Psychologists.

Our Fees

Free Consultations
The initial consultation is free to determine the best fit for the student and the representative for Add VOICE Too prior to any program commitments. Payment is due at registration to secure training.

One time registration fee of $125 includes application fee, assessments and evaluations.

Rates vary by service and commitment. We do not take insurance. If there is a service package that does not meet your needs, please book a consultation to discuss additional program and pricing options.

Transition Planning Pricing

  • Includes twenty-four one-hour sessions over twelve weeks. Two 60-minute sessions weekly
  • Minimum three-month commitment
  • Group setting
  • The client or parent/guardian may opt to extend plan at the reassess stage*
  • Teens and/or young adults (ages 13 - 25)
  • Contact for pricing

IEP Support Pricing
  • Includes eight 45-minute sessions over eight weeks. One 45-minute sessions weekly
  • Minimum two-month commitment
  • Group or individual setting
  • The client or parent/guardian may opt to extend plan at the reassess stage*
  • Teens and/or young adults (ages 12 - 21)
  • Contact for pricing

Youth Coach Pricing (with or without commitments)
Youth Coaching With Commitments:
  • Includes nine 45-minute sessions over twelve weeks. Three 45-minute sessions per month with one week off
  • Minimum three-month commitment
  • The client or parent/guardian may opt to extend plan at the reassess stage*
  • Coaching in person at a neutral location (e.g. library), phone or skype (delivery method of coaching should be consistent)
  • Teens and/or young adults (ages 13 - 25)
  • $225/month
Youth Coaching Without Commitments:
  • Includes one 60-minute per session
  • Coaching in person at a neutral location (e.g. library), phone or skype (delivery method of coaching should be consistent)
  • Teens and/or young adults (ages 13 - 25)
  • $90/single session fee
Resources and Training Pricing
  • Includes one 45-minute per session
  • No commitments
  • Teens and/or young adults (ages 15 - 25)
  • $75/single session fee
*Reassess Stage
After completing the required commitment timeframe for services in transition planning, IEP Support, and Youth Coaching, a reduced rate may be applied to maintain skills in which the student has obtained. Within a month before or after completion of the committed-timed packages, please call to set up an appointment to discuss pricing options.

Speaking Engagements & Parent Consultation
Please contact for any speaking engagements, workshops or one-to-one parent consultation.

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Email: info@addvoicetoo.com
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